Easy breadmaking….

Our Homeadow Baking Kits contain all the equipment you need to bake a beautifully crafted artisan loaf in the comfort of your home and once you have enjoyed baking your first loaf, there will be no stopping you….


….And stylish bags too

Our beautiful gift bags will help stamp your character and individuality on your customer’s purchases and are also perfect for special family occasions including weddings and baby showers

Our products

Bread Baking Kits

Looking for a proofing basket to make delicious bread with beautiful rings around the crust? Thinking of gathering your family for a complete bread baking experience? Check out our Bread Baking Kits.

Thank You Bags

Check out our new Floral Collection of Thank You Bags. This line is all about luxury and enhanced quality, introducing 150sm paper to add to the prestige of your event or boutique shop

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